Thursday, February 12, 2009

Cleared SCDJWS 5.It was really Hard

Today, I saw the status of my SCDJWS exam at prometric site. I found the result after a long wait approx two and half months. Normally Sun's beta exam results are announced in 6 weeks but this one took more than normal time. The paper was very tough and you can get the idea by viewing their objective at This was beta exam and beta exams are more difficult than regular exams.

Good news for me that I passed this exam by the Grace Of All Mighty Allah and am still waiting for certificate and mark sheet.

The paper was too hard and lengthy. There were 150 questions with 3 hours and 15 minutes to answer. The test is horribly tiresome and cumbersome. After 30 questions my head was already hurting. After 80 questions it was even difficult to read correctly the questions due to tiredness. That day I realized that continuous sitting in front of the computer with concentration can destroy a man. In the last 20 or 30 questions I was really fed up and the words appeared to dance in the front of my eyes.

For preparing this exam I recommend a few links below which helped me in my preparation for this exam. (Specially concentrate on WS-I Basic Profile)


mhassan83 said...

Congratz!! on passing the exam


Sameer said...

Congratz buddy....keep going

ThePretender said...

Congratulations....that accounts for a treat :)

ThePretender said...

Congratulations....that accounts for a treat :)

Yasir Husain

Kashif Qazi said...
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Kashif Qazi said...

Many many congrats... and thanks for the treat.

Kashif Ahmed Qazi