Sunday, October 18, 2009

Nokia 5800 WLAN static IP Setting

Follow these instructions to set it up WLAN static IP Setting
Add New Wireless Connection
Press the Menu Button ---> Settings --->Connectivity --->Destinations--> Access point(add new Access Point)-->Automatically check for available access points -->Yes-->Wireless Lan --> Highlight the one to which you want to connect--> Click Select -->Enter WEP value (if any)-->Destination --> Internet -->Click Select .
After follow above WLan connection has been added.

Setting up Static IP
Press the Menu Button--> Settings --->Connectivity ---->Destinations-->Internet ---->Select Wireless Connection-->New Click Options--->Edit-->Highlight the WLAN network Mode Touch it to change it to Ad-hoc, it may be set to Infrastructure -->; Now Click Options -->Advanced Settings -->IPv4 --> Enter IP Address ,Subnet Mask , Default Gateway and DNS servers

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Sunny Deol said...

hello. when i automatically search for available networks, it can't show the wlan option and i also can't find subnet mask and default gateway. what should i do?