Wednesday, October 14, 2009

P@sha Award09 was a great event

I went to p@sha Award 2009 yesterday.It was great experience and learning as well.This sort of events are good in many may up-to date yourself with this type of trends,you can come to know that where is going technical research and you can meet with high level management of technical companies and can do chit chat with them.

The whole efforts of Jehan Ara and it's team was prominent and told us that how much efforts they did to make their presence felt before this materialistic world and how they made progress.

The best software/Idea what I personally like very much what is world’s most sophisticated 3D Cricket game (PC) presented by Lahore Base Company Mindstorm Studios.It goes without saying that this is the world class game and can compare any current 3D high graphics game.The CEO of this company Baber ahmed presented demo of this game it was really out standing the game industry is world's top industry and have many potential acts to grow.

Demo which was presented by Babar Ahmed

I met to Badar kushnood (Google consultant in Pakistan) and got some moments to chit chat with him,He is a very friendly chap and prince charming and i sprung my time with him it was really fine did discussion.

more over it was good experience ,just wish to spend my time for This type of encourage peoples and want such information about technology and em really giving you advice that make our life better with technology.

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