Friday, March 5, 2010

ScribeFire Independent Desktop Client for Linux

ScribeFire is firefox extension which runs under firefox browser and use as blogger client. A few of extensions like ScribeFire are part of firefox but they have nothing to do with websites. Browsers are for websites/web applications not for other applications.Most of firefox extensions facilitate websites like firebug very popular extension in developers use for introspecting HTML,Change HTML DOM style sheets in run time etc but extensions like ScribeFire doesn't facilitate websites and can work as independent full fudge application.
      Things come in mind, why I start firefox to run ScribeFire.Can I use ScribeFire as Independent software like bilbo,BlogGTK or Window Live writer and that leads to create its prism (Prism is a simple XULRunner based browser that hosts web applications without the normal web browser user interface). Prism is  for web applications only.
I did little workaround to run this ScribeFire.The steps of making ScribeFire as independent application is little tricky. 

        1. Download the ScribeFire extension and extract it in folder. you will see files install.rdf and  
          chrome.manifest file in extracted folder. Open install.rdf and write the following lines in it and save 
             <!-- Prism -->

        2. Open chrome.manifest and replace following line. Firefox use browser.xul to render xul but 
           prism use webrunner.xul 
          overlay chrome://browser/content/browser.xul 
          overlay chrome://browser/content/webrunner.xul
       3. Select all files from extracted folder and create compress zip file. Rename the zip file extension to

       3. Install prism , open it and write the following line in URL field
       4. Check show status messages and progress box,check Desktop shortcut and press OK button

       5. In Prism right bottom you will see arrow down icon, click on this icon, select tool and add-ons

       6. Install your created xpi file from open window and restart.

      I upload  scribefire plugin xpi build for prism you can download it from here

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